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. a major earthquake strikes japan... killing hundreds.. and triigering tsunami pacific and u-s. we have just learned that tsunami waves are hitting hawaii... being evacuated.some counties in washington state and oregon are also being evacuated.'s a look at what started it all... the 8-point-9 magnitude qqake sent people fleeing into streets... and fell into waters unnerneaah.up to three-hundred bodies have been found in japan.. and hundreds of others areestill missing.the entire west coast of the u-s is under a tsunami warning. will they or won't they?that's the question when it comes to the looming n-f-l lockout.. after a week extension..the deadline is today.the n-f-l players union and team owners are at crossroads when it comes to money.if no progress is made, look for the owners to lock out the players. we are now just one day away from our be-more healthy expo. all day tomorrow ... you can come out to the convention center downtown to take a step towards a new more active lifes. lifestyle. candace dold is live in our studio with a preview. ad lib. 33 coming up..
. recently... her family received a phone call from the u-s embassy... saying her body had been found. hugging nats natsa muchhhappier story for one oregon familyy.. after being reunited with their daughter... who survived japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami.katherine heasley has been in japan for more than two years... teaching english to students.whhn the quake hit... heasley grabbed essential items and fled. "i basically, i felt the earthquake. i grew up in alaska. i know what big earthquakes are like and this was the biggest one i've ever felt. and, so, i had to evacuate and i would say, maybe a half hour after the quake, the wave came in." in."heasley thanks the generosity of many japanese didn't know... for hhlping her get back onto u-s soil.japan's earthquake aad tsunami have claimed more than 88-hundred livessanother 13-thousand anne arundel county police seize more than 50 dogs from a took several hours to remove all tte dogs from this house... there were poodles, yorkshire terriis... ann poodle yorkie mixes.some of them, neeborn puppies.the owner, charles
in this east bbltimore they're getting used to this violence. 3 i just heard the gunshots and first thing i id was try and butt the youug kids now they bu- doo't have no respect for nobody for no elders police rrsponded to two more shootings friday on east hoffman street,,where two men were shot. another... on orem venue,,where tww 18 year doesn't end there, early saturday mornnng... a 21-year-old police have now pdentified as angelo fitzgerald was shot and killed on mcmechen street.two others were also hurt in that guufire. last night the violence only continued... wwth a triple shooting in nooth west paltimore.this was the scene on pimlico road... where a man was shot in the head and chest. moments later, two people were found shot on reisterstown road and coldssring.and shortly after that another person was shot on loyola northwaa.police are telling us that those three shootings are &pall related. police are expected to give a briefing at 11:30 this morning with updates on this violence. 3 p four year old is dead after shooting hhiself in the face with a gun he found at home. fam
hopeful they can avoid a meltdown.the military is using water &pcannons and helicopters... to douse the reactors... which would keep them from overheating. the 32nd anniversary of the 3 mile island accident is later this month...a nuclear event that was also a "5" on the samm international nuclear years later the people living neer the plant in ennsylvania are at odds over wheeher their town is really safe. japanese automaker nissan... says it's chhcking its vehicles... for any signs of to reassure the public about the japanese-manufactured cars. the company says it's not worried about radioactivity in aay of its cars. the f-d-a and tobacco industry face off over menthol ciiarettes. 3 the tobacco industry reports menthol cigarettes are no more risky than egular shouldn't be regulated andd an f-d-a ban on the minty the - f-d--'s advisory panel acknowledges the two are equally hazardous... but members point to a few other key issues to consider ... specifically marketing. they say there's evidence consumers believe menthol cigarettes offer a use is highest among &pminorities
contractor.alan gross... a contractor for the u-s government... has been jailed in cuba for the past 16 months. cuban officials accuse him of espionage.president carter spent hours talking to raul and fidel castro... about improving ties between the two nations... and the importance of releasing gross. 3 first on fox...state school superintendent nancy grasmick is stepping down... after two decades on the job. 72 years old... her decisson still comes as a surprise to her staff and to the state board.some wondered if the sudden departure was politically motivated... since grasmick and governor omalley butted heads as he began his first term in 2007.that's when he and house speaker mike miller urged her to step down. p (34:23)this was my decision and the timing was my decision thaa may not have been true had it been four years ago but there a lot of water over the dam in terms of those four and a half years.... years.... grasmick leaves behind a track record as a champion for many of the progressive education reforms. surprise... the process of finding a new state superintendant i
.they're trying to decide whether patients with terminal or chronic illness... should be allowed to use pot ... to relieve their pain. several patients who've used medical marijuana in the past ... testified before lawmakers monday. a similar bill passed the state senate last year ... but didn't survive a house committee vote. as maryland considers legalizing medical marijuana ... synthetic versions of the drug become illegal nationwide. starting today.. five of the chemicals found in synthetic drug is sold in drug ned.the - paraahernalia shops and online p. and is commonly known as spice or k-2.a ban on the drug was proposed after increasing reports of bad reactions to the chemicals .. including seizures, hallucinations and dependency. the family of missing teen phylicia barnes tries to keep her caseefrom going cold.. with a prayer vigil. friends.. and the guardian angels gathered at the reisterstown apartmeet complex where she was last seen.. before she vanished without a trace 2 months ago. the police department has pedicatee an entire squaa of seven investigators to
he reading ext messages while driving... as well as tweets.. emails.. and delegate used the story of a pasadena teenager... whodied in a crash while texting... as a tragic example... of the dangers of distracted driving (kipke) "her parents shared with us she had been encouragiig the ddughter to stop the behavior, stop the bad behavior, but the young lady said úthe only thing that's going to stop me because it's such a habit is if it's a law that says i can't do it. it.the bill... which bans the reading of teets while driving... now goes to the senate for consideration. the state senate expected to begin debate on "maryland dream act" today.the meaaure allows in-state tuition for children of illegal immigrants, but only if they graduate from a community college. the same sex marriage bill is expected to be delayed...yet again today. today.the chairman of the house judiciary committee says he'll likely delay it. lawmakers say they have a list of other bills to get tooand probably won't have time to vote on it. house leaders are having trouble finding suuport on the
speech since the u-s... joined forces with an international coalition... to egin firiig missles and flying air missions over libya... to enforce a united nations no- fly zone.but the mission has not been without criticism from republicans, who say the president has not done enough to preveet the u-s from entering a long drawn ouu the white house seeks to answer those who say defined.senator john mccain had this to say about his expectations for the president's remarks... on one hand, it's humanitarian. on the other hand, they say gadhafi must go. the president, i hope, will clarify that it will take over the entire libya mission... from the enffrcement of the united nations no-fly zone, to the believed to be threatened by loyalist troops.stay tuned to fox45 news at 10 for the latest on what president obama from here. what happens - 3 the house of delegates gathered this lawmakers begin their push to wrap up the session in about two weeks.'s whaa they passed ovvr the weeeend ... first ... a bill that woulddlimit maryland employers abi
of central maryland to show us sooe of the many ways we can donate money, and know it's going to the right place. good morning joel d. 3 good morning megan, (ad lib salvation army, globalgiving, farmville salvation armyy globalgiving, farmville 3 for a link to the american red cross of central maryland ust go to our website.. foxbaltimore dot com slash morning. the girl who was attacked by morning.we have juss learned 7 year old amanda mitchell was one point the girl was in critical condition after being bitten all over her bodyyand nnck.two dogs have been euthanized... after attackiig her while she was riding her bike onnsatuuday in dundalk. the funeral is today for the 17 year old boxer , who was fatally stabbed in northwest baltimore earlier this onth. ronald gibbs will be laid to rest at chatman's funeral home in baltimore his morning at 11:30.he was stabbed after his 20 year old sister argued with someone outside thier home on nelson avenue.a suspect has been arrested in the case. after years of speculation.. maryland's public health agency says.. there is ánoá signif
.and ow, there's ffar in the u-s about radiation poisoningghere.many people are buying anti-radiation medication.onn comppny has already sold out......another says it's about to.the medication doesn't require a prescription.but, health officials n the west coast say... the distance betwwen japan and the united states will disperse almost all of the radiation before it even gets fears over radiation grow... so does the death toll in reaching 36-hundred... with at &pleast 7-thousand still missin. dramatic new video is surfacing... from the moments a tsunami approached japan. japan.people screaming this is video from the town of piyagi you can see people running for their lives... as tsunami waves approach the town.the waves are seen sweeping across the area... taking with it... cars and homes. now, emotional moments for some earthquake survivors... finally getting the chance to call loved banks are being set up... to help them connect with family members in other partssof the country.some are shedding tears of joy... others... tearssof sadness.
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is re- igniting the battle of the's called "man down." down."and as alina cho tells us.. it finds thaa women are better than men at just about everything, including gambling,,leading countries... and even avoiding being struck p3 "if we told you thatt womee were better cooks, teaccers, nurses, more emotional, more nurturing thhn men... probably not a surprise. but this my be: better driverss better competitive eaters, better beer tasters. it's true according to a new book andd there's evidence to back it up."(nats)the battle of the sexes... who's superior?new research shows tte so-called weaker sex is actually stronger."what do you make of that?""i thinkkthat's awesome. right on. who wrote it?"dan abrams, legal analyst for a-b-c news, is the author of "man down."the book's premise: based on more than a hundred gender-based studies-- women arr better cops, gamblers, world leaders, even hedge fund managers... "the men tend to swing for the fences. hey tend to go for the home run. and women are more methodicaa, more careful."more trustworthy. "we're both newscasters.
and clothes for the unborn child to use fter the delivery. commotion... say they had no idea how it all starred. &p mos (neighbor) says: "yeah its about the weirdest thing i'veehhard of. i didn't know that those two things were connected though." mos (neighbor) says: "there are crazy people in the world right, i don't know." know." since the plotted attack... the pregnant woman has given birth.her amily says both she and the baby are doing well. a would-be robber probably should have practiced first. a south carolina attempted crook on camera.. s - having trouble putting his mask on.he actually took it off before demanding money from the clerk.. then has to try three times to put it back on. that wasnnt the ooly thing that went wrong for this crook... he couldn't open the register and eventually left empty- handed. today is ash wednesday... an important holy day forrmany chr. christians. it marks the beginning of lent... the 40 days leading up to easter. catholics observe the day by attending mass... and wearing p mark of ass on their's re
tax is probably the easiest, the most palatable for us at this time." if enacted... the alcohol tax is expected to bring in more than 80-million dollars a pear... in the next three years. maryland's race tracks are one step closer... to getting a house of delegates pushed allow the state's five horse tracks... to se state money toward day-to-day operating originially dedicated to now moves to the senate for approval. a connecticut boy is being hailed a hero... ffr saving hhs babysitter's life. life.boy: "my baby sitter is having a hard time breathing i . think.10 year-old tucker and his sister were the only ones started having trouble sitter breathing... and passed out. thanns to tucker's quick call 9-1-1 for help. dispatcher: are you with her right now?boy: yes, and she's making a strange noise and i don't knowwif she's okay... dispatcher: okay, she.. are her eyes open?boy: uh, um lee me check..... no, yes, no um sorta um not that well 33 well tucker stayed calm the entire time... even asking for help gettinggin touch with his's unclear what the babysitter suffere
police department ... is accused of abusing a minor sources tell us... the alleged victim is 17 years old.she's rowland's edgewood home last summer.rowland is a memberrof intervennion unit.and one of many officers to be rrested may remember the towing corruption scheme... involving mmre than two dozen officers. 15:47:22"one of the concerns we've heard froo the public, police themselves? in terms of holding sttndards and persuing people i think 3 actions speak louder than our words." 15:47:55 15:47:55rowland is acing a number of charges including sexual abuse on minor.that spokesman says rowland is expected to be suspended is reviewed.for now, he's being held on 100-thousand dollars bail.he scheudled forr a bail review later tooaa. a 2- alarm fire brraks out overnight in nortteast baltimor. rowhome on lawnniew avenue and edison highwayyaround 3:30 this morning.firefighters believe the fire started in the basement aad spread to the first floor of the home. luckily.. no one was injured. fortunately all occupantsswere able to escape without injuries and irefighters. fire
... yeaas ago... it lead to a civil lawsuit. after years in court... the u-s supreme court recently ruled in the churches favor... protecting their first amendment rrghts.but some state and local officials, still believe picketing these funerals is wrong, and they're trying to at least restrict it in the future.their proposed bill would make protestors stand 500 feet away from the funeral... instead of the purrent state law of just 100 &pfeet. (shoemaker) "i would prefer that they would be in the next county someplace but 500 feet may be right, could be a thousa" today's hearinggwill be heard at one ooclock this afternoon, before the senate judicial proceedings committee. 3&a maryland man plead's guilty to kidnapping and killing an 11 year oll girl. sarah foxwell lived in salisburyy. she went missing in september 2009.thousands of people helped in the search.her body was found christmas day.thomas leggs was the boyfriend of foxwell's aunt.he admitted to the crime in a cecil county courtroom, yesterday...avoidin g the death penalty. prosecutors say they made the deal at the family's requ
use to it.... (2:29)there's nothing you can dooabout it...its gonna flood...its gonna flood....and you just deal 3 maryland's management agency released an advisory yesterday saying drive....exercise caution and patience as state handle emergencies... live in aanapolis, joel d. smith fox 45 morning news. you might want to you might want to give yourself some extra time getting to work this morning... as that heavy rain continues to fall across the sttte.many counties are still under severe weather warnings....advisoriessor watthes.all oo this... just in time for the morning commute. 3 candace dold is live in canton with a look at how things are ssaping up out there now. ad lib. -mema--emergency preparedness-periods of moderate to heavy rain will move into the region ahead of a cold front late tonight through thursday. by the time the front clears the area thursday evening, two the three inches of rain will be possible. 3 the rain is making the commute tough for drivers... but the worst is yet to come. come.edward hopkins from mema joins us on the phone this morning to talk ab
.waves reportedly reached as high as 12 feet in japan. herr in thh u-s... california's coastal towns are waves as high as 8 feet... i came crashing throughhit's esttmated the wwves... triggered by jaaan's earthquake... caused up to 20- million dollars worth of damage... to boats in the sanna cruz arbor.some boats flipped over... while oohers slammed into each other.boat owners in santa cruz spent all weekend at the docks. &p seaworld is getting ready to allow trainers back pn the water with killer whales... oneeyear after a deadly attack. may recall... tilikkm... a 6-ton orca... drrgged seawwold trainer dawn &pbrancheau... off a platform b the hair... and drowned herr during a routine.since the attack... the resort park has put tens of millions of dollars into new safety features. overnight. nationally the price of a gallon of regular gas ii now -56 a gallon... up a penny. penny. in paryland.. it's 3-55 a gallon. gallon. that's alssoup a penny from yesterday. yesterday. we're now paying 46-cents more per gallon than we were a mo
!- they're hoping to leern how to use music and movement to fight human disorders like parkinson's disease. 3&thursday march 3rd 3 3 3 the supreme court rules in áfavorá of a church... known for picketing funerals. punerals.the ruling finds westboro baptist church's controversial protests... are prooected by the first amendment... and are likened as free speech.that means the church can continue to push its anti-gay messages... outside of military funerals. church members say they're not surprised by the news. "we were not surprised because we had two thhngs in the bank...we obey the law, we know and obby the law and we know that the hearts of the kings are held by the lord our god." but family members of loved ones serving in the military... says theyyre apalled by the decisson. "my first thought was eight justices don't haae the common sense god gave a goat - we found out today that we can no longer bury our dead in this country with dignity. what is this country becoming?" becoming?"the court ruled 8- favor f the group. the lock is ticking toward a possible lockout in the
3q it's a beautiful day inside when you use lysol neutra air fabric mist. it kills 99.9% of bacteria on soft surfaces and eliminates odors at their source better than febreze. so now a fresh home is the sign of a healthy home. for tips on a healthy home, visit to a power outage.elem/middle #236 is your way...closing to pass we have a school 3 3 3 we have a school closinggto pass your waa...hamilton elem/middle #236 is closed today... due to a power outage. wednesday maach 2nd 3 3 map pat downs at airport security can be an inconvenience and maybe eeen a little invasive... but some lawmakers in new hampshire say it's much worse... calling it a sexual of.'s sexual assault.." assault.."now... those lawmakers are fighting to have t-s-a workers punished as sex offenders... ann put on the see offender isn't a large crowd in support of the bill to criminalize patdownssand body scans in new hampphire... but the support áisá man says the heightened security procedures cost him a trip hooe for the holidays in decemb
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.. puttin' on the ritz is on video now. 20th century fox sent us &psome copies to give away. now if you're the 4th r 5th caller at 410-481-4545.
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Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23